NewWoW Crafting – New Ways of Working by Crafting Mobile and Multi-Locational Work

The project’s focus is on mobile work and multi-locational work which are becoming increasingly common. We know for a fact that the volume of this type of work will increase, and we also know that this will offer many advantages and opportunities for discovering new, more diverse ways of working if we can just find innovative and sustainable ways of applying them. Although this type of work has been studied before, there have been rather few attempts at developing anything in practice. Therefore, with its goal to develop both the operation of microenterprises and small and medium sized enterprises as well as the tools and practices used in promoting occupational health, the project provides new insight and additional value.

The aim of the NewWoW project is to offer information and insight on how people working in a mobile and multi-locational manner craft – within the regulatory limits – their working time, work habits and the various workspaces they use. In addition, the project uses the observations made during the study as guidelines and material for supporting employees on both a direct, individual level and indirectly through the organizations they represent. This part of the NewWoW project will focus on people working at microenterprises and small and medium sized enterprises, as these groups are the most likely to individually make use of the benefits offered by mobile work in a manner that is healthy and safe. They also have a substantial impact on how efficiently the workforce is used on the national level.

The project has two objectives: firstly, it aims to discover any obstacles to the use and development of new types of working time and workspace ecosystems as well as their untapped potential. Secondly, it will produce practical tools for how to make use of this potential. The third objective of the project is to support the occupational well-being and business of entrepreneurs and small companies.

The goal of the project is to identify the practices of working time and workspace management crafted by employees involved in multi-locational work in order to balance their own resources with the demands of the job, thereby improving the well-being of the employees and the productivity of their work. In addition, the project aims to combine this information with co-creation methods in order to develop and try out modern methods for crafting work and to prepare coaching materials on the subject matter.

In other words, the project aims to collect the tacit knowledge accumulated by people experienced in mobile and multi-locational work and make it visible and as widely accessible as possible.